All Voices, Nameless and Singular

©Dominique Bouchard

All Voices, Nameless and Singular is a solo performance that mixes dance and screen-based technologie, in which I interact with a live video stream of my own performance, appearing on screens of different scale.

In this piece where I play all the roles (performer, choreographer, sound, light and projection technician), I investigate the possibility to create images of myself, as an artist and a woman, distanced from the standards of the dominant visual production, by privileging an approach of qualitative transformation of the movement. My critical use of Skype as a performative platform articulates the affects of screen-based technologies on the dancing body, and more broadly the relation of the social body with mass technologies.

Images taken from the work-in-progress of my thesis show, All Voices, Nameless and singular © Dominique Bouchard